MVP Helm Report: October 2021

Ahoy from the Bridge!

We've delayed this report a few days to include a few of the happenings in early November.

1. MVP's student Christopher was recently invited to Coral World for a job interview. What's the BIG deal? Keep in mind that our mission is to provide early age training, prepping students for a variety of career opportunities. Christopher is now seventeen and he's our first to be endorsed by the program. We have a bunch more in training and the thinking is the MVP will someday be a "go to" for the recruitment of employees. It makes sense too, that those who hire - may also become our supporters!

2. We are all about growth! Pictured here is the first formal meeting of our volunteers. They recently met to plan for an MVP fundraiser "Parking Lot Pates" that is scheduled for Saturday Nov. 20th (10:30 - till) in the MVP's parking area. There are plans for more fundraisers in the future, with all product costs being donated by the volunteers. Readers pay attention, the roots of the MVP's are spreading!

3. Another current happening is the attempt being made to fix the transmission on the MVP's 28' Cape Dory (aka Jack Rabbit). This is the single engine vessel that we take out on fishing and snorkeling trips. It's also the craft used to teach students how to maneuver and dock a boat. Imagine the mistakes made and the stress put on the gears when the advancing trainees are allowed to combine both the gears and the throttle! Handy volunteer Butch and several of our students have taken on the task of pulling the gear box. This is a great learning experience and a real money saver (no mechanic fees) for the program!

Sailing... they love sailing! Afternoons at the MVP are busy times and activities are based on the weather conditions. Lunch is usually rushed as the excitement builds to get out on the water! Last Saturday there was a steady breeze and the decision was made to hold a first time Optimist race 'Over & Back' to Happy Island (took one hour). Of course the sailors were wearing life jackets and our rescue dinghy was following the pack. The last hour of every day is reserved for pool training. No slack is allowed, 9:30-4:30 is a full day of learning!

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We are blessed to have generous supporters and hard working volunteers. And like the trees we've planted, MVP students are starting to blossom. Everyone deserves a BIG THANKS!

Straight Ahead! JL