Attorney Leigh Goldman
Article written by: Carol M. Baruther, RD
Reproduced from 2016 Vol.#10 'On The Edge' Magazine

The Marine Vocational Program (MVP) took a giant leap forward when it received its 501 (c)(3) status in November of 2015. The man who made this happen, and did so pro-bono, is attorney Leigh Goldman. Goldman an 18 year Virgin Islands resident, runs a transactional practice that spans real-estate, estate finance and business planning, or what he calls, "The happier side of law."

"A mutual friend introduced me to Jimmy [Loveland]," said Goldman, a native of Birmingham, Ala., who grew up in San Diego, and later attended the University of Georgia "I thought the program was of value to the Virgin Islands and so I offered to help," Goldman said. "Our first contact was back in May, when we formed the company. There were several stops and starts along the way, but 501 (c)-(3) status was confirmed in mid-November (2015). Quite simply, it allows donors to deduct their contributions from their income for tax purposes. Goldman sits on the boards of both Antilles School and Pistarckle Theater, and is an organizer of TedX St. Thomas. He is also an avid marine enthusiast. "I have started sports fishing recently and enjoy it," Goldman said, "but I still have a great deal to learn."

Editor's Note: Leigh can't be thanked enough for his continued support of the Marine Vocational Program (MVP).