Jeffery Hart
Profile By: MVP Staff Writer

Thinking about his plans for retirement - away from a long career of working knee deep in sawdust - is wood shop owner Jeffery "Jeff" Hart. Hart was born in Lewiston, New York and moved to the Virgin Islands in 1968 where he was first a deckhand on the 72' schooner 'Nordlys' and later became the captain of many vessels, including the beautiful 80' wooden Trumpy named 'Beau Rivage', which back in the day, was considered to be the "Cadillac" of custom built power boats.

The Virgin Islands have long been the favorite destination of sports fishermen, sailors, divers and yachtsmen alike. Over the years there have been many passing storms that have damaged the vessels of the boat owners and more often it has been Jeff and his hard working team, who much like surgeons, expertly repaired their hulls and returned them back into the water. The often used woods for boat repairs are mahogany, teak and marine plywood - but there have been many of the "exotic" woods that have also shared Hart's table saw, especially in the building and repairs of custom furniture.

Hart will be passing the torch on to Grace Murphy (photo right) who has been a member of his wood working team for five years. Grace stated that she considers it "an honor" to be taking over the helm. Also, if you arrive the shop before its 7 a.m. opening - you'll get to meet the members of the night shift - all awaiting their breakfast when Jeff's white truck pulls in. Their names are Sweetie, Smokey and Star and they consider this famous woodshop to be their home.

Jeff and wife Barbara are planning a move to Florida's Ft. Pierce, Stuart area where many of their V.I. boating friends are now residing. After retirement and relocation, Hart say's his plans call for "as much golf as possible" and to "finally have time for travel."