MVP students row boats, snorkel, scuba dive, rig lures, tie knots, and... they can splice line better than most sailors! Time now to introduce them to the sailing world. This means we must acquire the proper vessels (different types for younger and older students) and raise the funds needed to maintain the equipment and to hire part time instructors.

Plans call for craft that can navigate the shallows of the Mangrove Lagoon and can also be sailed offshore on calm days. We've set our sights on two designs that will accommodate students of all ages, size and developing skills. The larger will be the 19' Flying Scot and the smaller, the popular 8' Optimist dingy. Most importantly, the fleet can expand because both of these vessels are still being manufactured.

Announcing Sailing Club Memberships! We've created the Happy Island Sailing Club (HISC) as a means to help fund the MVP's sailing program. The purpose is to invite donors to actually see where their dollars are going and to witness student progress. Importantly too, students will be able to show off their learning.

The Marine Vocational Program (MVP) is an established IRS 501 (C-3) non-profit. Its felt the introduction of a "visible" sailing program will attract contributors who are interested in seeing the youth of the Virgin Islands learn to enjoy and appreciate the waters that surround them.

HISC Member Benefits: Besides the eligibility of tax deductions, HISC members will receive their Membership ID which shall be worn in the presence of students and staff. Members will be invited to sail with the students (in presence of an instructor) to witness student progress. Sail program donors (annual contributions required) will be listed on the MVP's website.

Make checks payable to: MVP, Inc.
Mail to: 6616 Estate Nadir, St. Thomas, VI 00802
Please note "Sailing Program"on check.

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