Next up in the development of MVP training is the students must learn to sail! In terms of fleet growth... first came the generous donation of our main training vessel, a 28' Cape Dory (single diesel, lobster boat style). Then added were the donations of a classic rowboat, an inflatable dingy, a paddle board and kayak. Time now to add a nice sailboat to the fleet!

MVP specs call for a shallow draft (able to navigate around the Mangrove Lagoon), classic day sailer (cockpit style w/centerboard) that can be re-rigged for racing as the skills advance. We've spoken with many professionals (yacht club manager, sail makers, riggers, old salts etc.) and one design keeps coming up... a make called the Flying Scot!

Description: The Flying Scot is a 19' sailboat that can be used for pleasure sailing as well as racing. The Flying Scot was first designed in 1957 by Gordon K. (Sandy) Douglass. It is now manufactured by Flying Scot Inc. website which is based in the western Maryland town of Deer Park.

The Flying Scot is noted for ease of handling and durability. The hull design makes it able to plane in winds of 15 knots or more, exceeding the waterline hull speed. As a one-design, all Flying Scot boats are built to the same specifications and this makes the vessel especially appealing because of the availably of sails, rigging and boat parts. The Flying Scot was inducted into the American Sailboat Hall of Fame in 1998. The Scot is normally raced with a crew of two or three, but can be single-handed as well. It can also carry as many as eight adults. The sail plan consists of main, jib and spinnaker.

Approximate cost of a new/used boat w/trailer and shipping is $18K. We welcome our readers to contribute any amount to this important project. Jimmy Loveland, MVP Director 340-775-9500 - Cell 340-626-4414 Email:

Tax Deductible Donations Appreciated!

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